HUAWEI Y600 Firmware (Y600-U20, V100R001C435B014)
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Installation Procedure HUAWEI Y600 Firmware (Y600-U20, V100R001C435B014)

1. Connect your phone to a PC using USB cable
2. Format your SD card in FAT32 and create a new folder “dload” in its root directory.
3. Extract the ZIP file and copy its contents (“UPDATE.APP”) to the “dload” folder
4. Disconnect your phone from PC
5. Reboot into recovery mode by powering off your phone and then holding Volume Down + Volume Up + Power Buttons simultaneously
6. Within a few seconds, the update process will be automatically initiated. It will take about 3-4 minutes.
7. When it gets completed, you can use the Backup utility to restore all the data you backed up earlier.

Alternate Method HUAWEI Y600 Firmware (Y600-U20, V100R001C435B014) 

1. Copy the update contents to your SD card as mentioned earlier
2. Navigate to Settings > Updates > System Updates
3. Tap ‘Local Update’, carefully read all the warnings and then perform a quick backup of your device (in case you haven’t done that already)
4. Next, tap ‘Confirm’ to proceed with the update installation. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

And whoosh… you’re done! That was damn easy, wasn’t it? HUAWEI Y600 Firmware (Y600-U20, V100R001C435B014) 

Disclaimer: Do bear this in mind that despite the fact that this method has been fully tested, I shall not be held responsible if your device gets screwed up at any point. Apply this update at you own risk. Enjoy the chocolaty update!

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