Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532M Firmware Flash File Stock ROM

Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532M firmware flash file stock ROM

Here you can download Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532M firmware flash file stock ROM. It is an original SM-G532M firmware (stock ROM) and does not void the warranty of Samsung device.

Device: Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime Model: SM-G532M
Region / Country Version OS Build Changelist Link
Bolivia / BVOG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Dominican Republic / CDRG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Chile (Telefonica) / CHTG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
South America (Moviestar) / CRMG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Panama / PCWG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Nicaragua / NBSG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Chile / CHXG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Paraguay (Claro) / CTPG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Guatemala / TGUG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Uruguay (Claro) / CTUG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Uruguay (Claro) / CTUG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Chile (Telefonica) / CHTG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Chile / CHXG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Dominican Republic (Orange) / DORG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
South America (Moviestar) / CRMG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Dominican Republic / CDRG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Argentina / ANCG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Chile / CHVG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Chile (Entel PCS) / CHEG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Guatemala / TGUG532MUMU1AQG56.⬇Download
Guatemala (Tigo) / CGUG532MUMU1AQF16.⬇Download
Chile / CHOG532MUMU1AQD26.⬇Download
Uruguay / UPOG532MUMU1AQD26.⬇Download
Trinidad and Tobago / TTTG532MUMU1AQD26.⬇Download
Bolivia / BVOG532MUMU1AQD26.⬇Download
Uruguay (Claro) / CTUG532MUMU1AQD26.⬇Download
Trinidad and Tobago / EONG532MUMU1AQD26.⬇Download
Panama / TPAG532MUMU1AQD26.⬇Download
Chile / CRCG532MUMU1AQD26.⬇Download
Mexico (Movistar) / TMMG532MUBU1AQD16.⬇Download
Chile / CHXG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Colombia / COEG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Argentina (Personal) / PSNG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Jamaica / CWWG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Chile / CHVG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Dominican Republic / CDRG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Colombia / COLG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Guatemala / TGUG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Dominican Republic (Orange) / DORG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Uruguay / UFUG532MUMU1AQC36.⬇Download
Brazil (Oi) / ZTRG532MUMU1AQC26.⬇Download
Mexico (Telcel) / TCEG532MUBU1AQC16.⬇Download
Paraguay / TGPG532MUMU1AQC16.⬇Download
Mexico / IUSG532MUBU1AQC16.⬇Download
Peru / SAMG532MUMU1AQC16.⬇Download
Puerto Rico / PCTG532MUMU1AQC16.⬇Download
Panama (Claro) / CPAG532MUMU1AQC16.⬇Download
Colombia (Movistar) / COBG532MUMU1AQC16.⬇Download
Ecuador / EBEG532MUMU1AQC16.⬇Download
Panama / PCWG532MUMU1AQB46.⬇Download
Bolivia / BVOG532MUMU1AQB46.⬇Download
Trinidad and Tobago / EONG532MUMU1AQB46.⬇Download
Argentina / AROG532MUMU1AQB46.⬇Download
Chile (Telefonica) / CHTG532MUMU1AQB16.⬇Download

Note: if firmware for your country is not available you can install any firmware from the given list. Except those which comes with their carrier name. Also read how to install Samsung firmware.

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